Song Writing

Earn money with music

How do you find a music publisher? How can you convince potential rights exploiters of your songwriting qualities? What helps you find a music company…

Song Forms

In pop music, there are three main song forms that are most commonly used today: Verse Chorus, Verse Speech Chorus and Verse Title. To complete…

Why become a songwriter?

Ah, the world of songwriting. Versatile and rewarding. Colorful and full of wonder, this art so often also helps us better understand ourselves and the…

Learn About the Power of Work

Learn Self-Discipline

Is Self-Discpline Depletable?

Arguably the first research on the depletion of self-control was performed by Professor Roy Baumeister in at. He called it “Ego-Depletion” to honour Sigmund Freud, who was the last scientist…

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