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Hi and welcome to Allihoopa.com! This website is dedicated to a somewhat scientific approach to success. Free from mumbo jambo, “pray to the universe” stuff or “motivational seminar sales” copy. And GUARANTEED to be without any hidden agenda to upsell you on seminars, ecourses or overpaid ebooks.

I will explain my rationale for creating this website in more detail below. But if you like it, please support my cause and share this site and its articles with your friends and colleagues. It would mean a lot to me. 🙂

Jim from Allihoopa.com

My name is Jim and I am behind the content of Allihoopa – The Success Website. Each year, millions of people buy books on the topic „success“ and try to discover the “ultimate secret to a happy life”. Their enthusiasm is sparked by the will to achieve something extraordinary with their lives. Many want to escape their jobs and start their own businesses. Others would like to improve their health or look more like the models on the magazine covers. 

Consequently, they start to look for a way to achieve these goals and start to search for information from others. Yet, they make one big mistake: they search for a wonder pill. And the “self-help market” is more than happy to provide them with it.

Book stores are plastered with:

  • “the magic formula for weight loss while eating everything you want”,
  • “the secret of making a six-figure income in 4 hours a week”, or
  • “how visualization, belief and the universe can deliver you anything you ever wished for”.

And who would blame the authors of those guides, books, e-courses, seminars and video-sets? After all, the self-help industry turns over billions of dollars each year. 

They make you believe that they have a solution for about any problem you’ll ever encounter. From cancer-treatment by visualising yourself as a healthy and happy person, to “magically attracting money into your life” by creating a vision-board, or “touching a real Ferrari to bond with it”.

Their solutions promise an easy solution, yet the desired results are usually not achieved by the readers of these books or consumers of these other products. And that is for one important reason: the wonder pill simply doesn’t exist.


You Won’t Reach Any Goal Without Work

Unfortunately, reaching any goal is not as easy as creating a vision-board, meditating about it, and thanking the universe in the assumption that it has already been reached. While it certainly doesn’t harm to be motivated, inspired and having a plan, it’s the work that comes after all of this, that counts. However, most books and self-help programs out there try to convince you that having the right mind-set is more important than the work that goes into it. And this is the massive flaw that sabotages your goals and dooms you to mediocrity. 

See, the problem is that Gurus from the self-help industry have no real interest in your success. Their main interest is that you buy their first book and then hopefully their next book too. Or that you subscribe to their five-thousand dollar seminar where “no secret remains hidden”. It’s a variation of the old proverb: “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. Which of these two options, would you reckon, appears to be the more profitable for the one who makes his money selling the fish

Right. They deliberately sell you the fish, rather than teaching you how to fish. But why would they do it?

Science is better than Gurus

Wouldn’t it make sense to write a book that really helps the people who buy it? Well, it would. But if the only way you’d know how to make money would be to sell the “secret of success”, you’d probably also sell the “secret to success”. Most of these gurus, specialists, or “world-renowned” consultants never had any “real-life” business other than being consultants, Gurus and sellers of the “secret of success”.

They just started with the old “fake it till you make it” premise and went to their speaking engagements with a fine suit, going on about how you can be successful, while eating canned-beans in their crummy bedsit or living in the basement of their parents.

So if you find yourself being one of the uncountable people who spend more time reading books on success, and making plans on success, than actually working on your success, then it is likely that you are part of the self-help industry system. Sadly for you, you are not the part that’s going to be successful, but the part that is being taken to the cleaners. 

But don’t worry, I once was part of that too. I bought every book on success I could get my hands on. Even in times when I had no money at all, I still somehow got enough scrapped together to pay over 300 bucks for a course in which a Guru would send me one email each day for a year. These emails contained endless wisdom such as considering the involvement of quantum mechanics in the way I think. And how I am a creator based on my thoughts, words and how all of these become things in the real world. And how I should just be very mindful with the word “but” and rather use “however” instead. Bad energy, you know. 

None of these tips made me more successful. None brought me even an inch closer to any of my goals. And all of a sudden I found myself in a weird loop of Gurus asking me to complete a bunch of tasks that were supposed to make me more successful…

  • Getting up earlier and meditating at my vision board.
  • Laying down in public to train my self-esteem.
  • Creating audio files in which I would record the same mantra over and over again and then listening to this all the time.

And in fact, all they did was to take precious time from me. While others were busy creating their businesses, I was busy creating this weird unrelated personal improvement stuff for no reason at all. Sounds familiar? Well, welcome to the club!

I Discovered The Real Secret to Success    

However, roughly three years ago, I discovered a secret which is even older than the secret they claim to have found in the book “The Secret”. It’s a secret that accompanies us humans even longer than we had a conscious mind.

And that secret is plain, old hard work.

Hard work beats the “Law of Attraction” on every count.

  • Proven track-record.
  • More reliable,
  • More fulfilling,
  • More predictable.

The only thing is that it doesn’t do is: it doesn’t sell as well as the wonder-pill. After all, it would be great to simply think the right thoughts and automatically get rich, muscular and healthy, rather than going through all the painful, challenging work to achieve these things. 

But, let’s be honest here, work pretty much sucks, doesn’t it? We all would prefer to lay on a beach and sip a cocktail while watching Netflix instead of making sales calls, filing tax forms or watching our diets. The journey to success is like the voyage of Ulysses. We are trying to get to our goal, but our way is surrounded by sirens.

No one is secure from their enticing chant trying to lure us into procrastination and laziness. But as if that wouldn’t be more than enough to cope with, there’s this other thing, you might have experienced in the past: the problem of self-sabotaging. Somehow you always tend to give up too early. Or scare away from challenges that you know would bring you forward. Fear not, dear reader, this website will provide you with the tools to beat these distractions. 

I tried to get as much science into Allihoopa.com as possible. Because there are scientists who are researching on that front. And science is usually a pretty reliable way of dealing with things. After all, if you would have to go through brain surgery, you probably would prefer it to be done by a scientist rather than a self-taught wannabe Guru with shiny teeth and a blow-dried haircut.

I also made sure that the content on this website will not result in a lot of work for you. Sounds counterintuitive considering that we’re somewhat praising the Power of Work here. But it would not really make sense to create a website about work that involves a lot of work, which then in turn would distract you from your actual work. So, I promise, there will be no “affection boards” to create and no need to get up one hour earlier or any other crazy stuff like that.

Allihoopa Will Tackle Work From Inside

What this website offers, is knowledge. The thing is, many of the things that hold us back and lead us away from the path of success, happen unconsciously. They are directed by our thought behaviors, emotions and a lack of knowledge on how work actually works. So, the best way to tackle them is to simply know about them.

Once you are aware about:

  • how parts of your psyche are sabotaging you,
  • why you just can’t stop worrying and
  • why some work seems to suck while other work is fun,

you will know when these patterns set in and can effectively take countermeasures.

The saying “knowledge is power” has never been truer than in this regard. It is as if you lead a company and parts of your company are sabotaging your efforts all the time. Once you know who these parts are and how they act, you can take measures, and ensure that the business gets back on track. If you, however, continue to do the same things you always did, you will also get the same results.

At least I was able to make great things happen through work. One of these is right in front of your eyes. But I also managed to finish my Master of Business Administration degree with distinction (summa cum laude) although I was a bad student in High School and didn’t even finish it. The difference between these two stages in my life? Wonderpill-thinking versus Hard-work-thinking. Apart from that I wrote roughly 100,000 words of distance education material and managed to get my own school accredited. With 1,000 Euros of seed capital. Don’t worry, this school has nothing to do with success or anything that we deal with on this website. I have sold it a long time ago and – as I promised – I am not going to upsell you on anything here.

The point is: once you are able to make use of your ability to work hard, you will get ahead in your life. This is a guaranteed outcome. Work always pays.  

No matter whether you are looking for a healthy life, weight-loss, that long desired promotion or starting a successful business, you WILL NOT achieve it by:

  • dreaming,
  • visualizing,
  • planning or
  • buying yet another self-help book.

There is only one way how you can get successful: plain, hard work. And Allihoopa.com will show you how.

I am looking forward to assisting you in becoming a working machine. This website can be the last “self-help” resource you will ever need to read. For the advice given on this website will very likely catapult you further in your life than any book, course, seminar or Guru ever has.

And that’s why I invite you to read all of it. Bookmark it, start at the first section -> The Power of Work and work your way through the articles. Then continue with the menu items from left to right and read them all. If you like them or find that they are bringing you forward in your life, please share this site with your friends and colleagues or place a link on your own website to Allihoopa.com. It really is greatly appreciated.