Just playing around with figure in my free time. Love working with you all. If I remix your song, it's generally a SuperLike 😃.

Brisbane, Australia
  1. My Fault (sketch)

    #sketch of an early version of a track inspired by the piano sound. #ambient #electronic. PS - any and all feedback is appreciated 👍😀

  2. Jason

    Have a spooky Halloween! 💀👻🎃👽👹🤖😎 Big tag in the comments!

  3. Happy Halloween

    I'm short on time right now so I do some recycling of an older song ...

  4. Holler Hold Back Groovey

    The 88Bpm remix of the 160Bpm upbeat #loop #beats #sketch. — For those who cannot type as fast — #FigureFriday #DarkCollective #BuildOnThis

  5. Loop Master

    @shaecin here it is! I used the loops provided with Soundtrap and put this together just to learn how to use the program! Shoutout to @LAD!