Best Floor Standing Speakers in 2021

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With the arrival of Smart TVs and LEDs in the market, the music system has become an important part of our lives. Without a proper music system in your living room, how would you define your Netflix and Chill? Wouldn’t it be boring and unsatisfying watching your favourite show without an effective audio system?

No doubt, one of the best choices for speakers to make your living room and exception are the Floor Standing Speakers. With a perfect shape and size to accommodate less space and yet offer a classy look. What could better than Floor Standing Speakers to host a movie party at your place.

If you are planning on getting one, which one would you choose? What’s your budget to get a pair of such speakers? Well, you need not worry! We have got it all covered.

In this article, we will be discussing various categories of best floor standing speakers and where you can buy them.

Without another line, let’s dive straight into the topic.


Top 10 Best Floor Standing Speaker

#1 Klipsch RP-280F: Best overall floor standing speaker of all time

One of the leading manufacturers of Speakers, Klipsch has been in business for decades now. They have always succeeded in blowing our minds with great designs and some really loud music systems.

With improved and better technology, Klipsch has come up with its brand new series known by the name RP-280F. It claims these speakers to be built on acoustic technology to offer an intense listening experience for the customer.

The RP-280F is specially built to feature a circular throat around an advanced titanium diaphragm tweeter and by adding one of the finest soundbar, this aids in delivering improved quality sound and better high-frequency response.

Each of the RP-280F comes with dual 8-inch woofer so as to offer warm & clear mids along with tremendous bass quality. It has got the one-inch tweeter to deliver crisp extend highs for a mesmerizing listening experience.

The manufacturer offers 8 ohms of impedance with 98dB sensitivity. Therefore, the high and mid-ranges will be cleaned and detailed too. Talking about the frequency of RP-280F, it varies from 32 to 25 kHz with the immense power of 600 Watts, more than enough for your daily sound requirements.

These speakers from Klipsch come with an MDF cabinet along with brushed polymer finish. Thus, it has got durability along with a lavish outer surface that looks beautiful.

To garnish this dish, they offer you a metallic design of woofers. This makes these speakers extremely rigid.


  • Sleek and elegant Design
  • High-Resolution Audio output
  • Dual copper woofers
  • Brass speaker banana plugs
  • Durable yet lavish looks


  • Due to the large size, the positioning might be a concern
  • Could use a bit more on the high end.

#2 ELAC FS509VX: Best Floor Standing Speaker under $5000

The Elac FS509VX is more than just a sound system to fulfil your music system requirements. The specifications offered are so astounding that one can customize the audio quality according to the will at their easement.

The four-way design offered uses a VX-JET tweeter along with a novel dial. That’s how one is able to customize the audio perfectly according to their will.

One of the most common problems that one faces while selecting a perfect speaker is the perfect acoustic spot for the placement. Well, Elac claims that they have designed it in such a way that one can easily customize the volume and echo. But you might need someone to help you figure out the perfect acoustic spot.

These speakers were able to deliver pretty clear and detailed sound. This is because of the fact that we used cones throughout the mid and bass. Although, at times, the music was a little bright and heavy on the highs.

Well, with a frequency of 50,000 Hz, this was no surprise!

With these speakers, one doesn’t need to deal with overhand or any stray resonance. This precision is what a lot of people don’t experience. This is one of the reasons what makes it one of the best speakers under 10000.

One of the flaws that we noticed was it really gets pull apart. Well, not all the time. But yeah, when you are listening to poorly mixed music, it will be noticeable.

Talking about the build of the speaker, this one comes with a glossy piano black finish. The bottom has got four adjustable spikes along with the same amount of plastic protectors. This aids them when unpredictable encounters with walls take place.

To summarise this, the Elac FS509VX is one of the best floor standing speakers under 10000 that you can choose.


  • Comes with two different skin designs
  • Punchy and deep bass
  • High textured sound output in lows, mids and highs.
  • One can change the position of the tweeter or mid drivers.


  • Only one-year warranty
  • Doesn’t work well with poorly mixed music (or old skool)

#3 Focal Electra 1038: Best Floor Standing Speaker under $5000

Focal has been admired by a lot of consumers and reviewers out there, especially for their design and drive unit engineering. The Focal Electra 1038 is a perfect combination from the manufacturer.

The Focal Electra 1038 has got three bass drivers. This helps it in delivering punchy, deep and precise bass and sound. With the 7” woofers offered by the manufacturer, these speakers are not stingy in any aspect.

Delivering detailed sound output is their main priority. This is because of the fact that it comes with a sculpted front baffle, floating glass top and some real wood faceted side panels.

Talking about the design you have four main options to choose from viz., basalt, black lacquer, mahogany and champagne. Each one of them looks astounding in their own way.

If you look around the bottom of these speakers, you will notice the rubber legs. They help it to stand at a distance of three inches from the surface. To be more specific, the height and weight of these speakers are 50 inches and 112 pounds respectively.

However, you will have to accept the fact that though they look monstrous, they hold a Beryllium tweeter, one midrange driver and three woofers.

The Focal Electra 1038 are capable of playing anywhere from 33 to 40,000 Hz without any major interruption. 

Overall, they sound pretty natural to the ears. That’s what makes them one of the best floor standing speakers under 5000 that one should look forward to buying.


  • Clear and crisp highs, mid and lows.
  • Punchy and deep bass
  • Natural sound output
  • Four different options to choose from
  • Sculpted front baffle
  • Floating glass top design


  • Only one-year warranty
  • Grilles are non-magnetic

#4 Definitive Technology BP9040 & CS9040 : Best Floor Standing Speaker under $2000

Without needing to invest extra for Atmos, Definitive Technology has got these amazing innovative speakers to meet your needs. Want to know why they are the best floor standing speakers under 2000?

Well, the BP9040 comes with a height speaker docked on top and an immense 39 inches tall design. This is a perfect acoustic transparent mesh. With aluminium accents and solid formed base, they simply look amazing.

The grille of these speakers hides a bipolar speaker arrangement. This consists of two 4.5 inches drivers. One of them is a one-inch aluminium dome front tweeter while the one is a single 4.5 inches driver.

These two towers have in-built amplifiers so that you can use subwoofers. Therefore, you will have to plug each tower into an AC wall outlet. This way, you can fine-tune the volume at your easement.

When we tested the BP9040 and CS9040, they sounded bright, crisp and clear. The bass detailing was extremely wonderful when we tried playing some electronic guitar & drums music.

Overall, these speakers look elegant and smart. The option for substituting and A90 Atmos and DTS-X module is one of the things that makes these speakers stand-out for the price range.


  • Clean, crisp and bright sound output
  • Perfect finish on the surface
  • Built-in option for amplifiers 
  • Detailed and punchy bass
  • Option to substitute different woofers


  • Tonal balance lacks soundstage depth
  • This is more for movie fans and not for music fans

#5 Cerwin Vega SL-12: Best Floor Standing Speaker for Rock Music

Cerwin Vega is pretty popular for providing great quality speakers for the home theatre systems and for events for over 65 years. Their affordable consumer line series namely the SL series has been popular for years now.

The SL-12 is one of the flagship lineups of this series with a three woofer design. These three woofers include a 12-inch woofer, a one-inch dome tweeter and 5.25 inches midrange driver.

Talking about the build of the speaker, they’ve designed it to be completely black. From the cabinet, the cones to the removable grille, everything is black in colour. The only different colour offered is red for the accents around each driver.

The midrange driver, as well as the woofer, has got a red ring with the cone again black in colour. Whereas the tweeter fixed there is completely red in colour. Besides all this red and black mess, they look really beautiful.

Talking about the technology implemented, they have actually focused on providing solid power handling and practical acoustics. The cabinet that seems to be oversized is the actual source for acoustical features.

The Cerwin Vega Sl-12 comes with a front-firing subwoofer along with the speaker. This means that this oversized cabinet is for both the form and function. The function helps the bass to resonate whereas the form helps to fit in the woofer.

Though the speaker takes more space as compared to other floor standing speakers, it technically punches out some really good bass.

Talking about power handling, they can handle up to 300 Watts per channel peak. This means that you can seriously drive to get the room shattering noise. Being high, the headroom will provide you with much cleaner sound output.

Well, what about the sound quality? They really are outstanding in sound quality for the price offered! The highs are slightly recessed. This means they won’t sound dull, at any time. A few might find a gripe in the highs as well.

The main highlight of these speakers is low-end. The 12 inches woofer can easily reach down to lower ends.

Overall, Cerwin Vega SL-12 is a perfect fit best floor standing speakers for rock music.


  • Front-firing subwoofer
  • Great power handling
  • Astounding work is done on practical acoustics
  • Thumbs up to the low-end sound outputs
  • Classy black design


  • Highs are slightly lower
  • Cabinet is oversized

#6 Sony SSCS3: Best Floor Standing Speaker for Music

Being in business for decades, Sony has always amazed us with their electronic products, especially the music systems. Then how could we not consider checking one of those speakers provided by Sony like SSCS3?

Weighing around 10 pounds, these are considered as one of the most versatile floor standing speakers available out there in the market. With loud and clear sound quality, it has the quality of becoming a part of your furniture.

They come with a 4 driver speaker system, three way speaker system, bass reflex wooden veneer enclosure, silicon steel plate woofer, wide dispersion super tweeters and 40 Hz to 50,000 Hz of frequency.

When it comes to the design of their speakers, Sony has always stood the market. It has got a three way floor standing speaker that could be a perfect fit for your audio requirements. It has got these black finished skin that can match with your furniture at easement.

They are made out of premium quality material. It has got silicon steel plate woofer along with thick winding material and high-quality film condensers.

The room filling sound of these speakers can outfold the sound quality around your living room. It can reproduce the musical instruments and handle depth of the soundstage.

Provided with the mega tweeter, it is capable of delivering sounds and vocals shooting starting right to your ears. Sony has engineered these speakers to deliver ultra-responsive and high-frequency with a capacity ranging from 40 Hz to 50,000 Hz. Isn’t that enough? Well, to me it is perfect!

The drivers are reinforced with mica that are capable of capturing each and every note. They are made in such a way so that they can utilize foamed and dual layer of unique mica woofer diaphragms.

Talking about the bottom surface, leverages stronger low weight for a more powerful bass response. 

Overall, the Sony SSCS3 is one of the best floor standing speakers for music that one could find in the market for this price range. With crisp, clear and loud sound quality, you just need to find a perfect acoustic spot in your living room. This will help you in getting perfect music and sound quality out of the SSCS3.


  • Portable
  • Compact
  • Solid and well-engineered 
  • Affordable
  • Crisp, clear and loud audio output


  • Though manageable, too loud amp
  • The three way design is annoying sometimes

#7 Fluance Signature Series Hi-Fi: Best Budget Floor Standing Speaker

Fluance is the Canadian audio system manufacturer and one of the best selling manufacturers for best turntables has done some really good work with their Signature Series Hi-Fi. Want to know how? Let’s proceed!

At the budget end, Fluance has made their name in the market. After successfully selling loads of bluetooth speakers, they have now entered into Signature Series that has got astounding floor standing speakers.

The main strength of these speakers is the 8 inches drivers. This might deduct the need for suing a subwoofer for many of your out there. But wait, the midrange has got it covered with the upgrade that these speakers deserved.

Some critics say that Fluance loves to compete with themselves. They are into this business of creating biggest possible speakers. Now are you wondering how long are the Signature Series speakers? Well, they are 4 feet tall!

Not just are they tall, they are heavy too with a hectic weight of 62.5 pounds per speaker. You definitely would need a helping hand while setting them up in your living room.

Talking about the major specs, Fluance is a three way speaker provided with a one inch silk dome tweeter and a 5 inches long yellow glass fibre driver. But you will find this small as when compared to the 8 inches bass woofer that sits just beneath it.

The original points, when tested were set at 12000 Hz and 23000 Hz to the tweeter. Well, frankly speaking, they are pretty natural at producing sound output.

With the piano black finish, they undoubtedly look really attractive. Not just it lacks grilles, it lacks proliferation of the front fasteners as well.

Overall, we can conclude that they are one of the best choices to go for while looking for the best budget floor standing speakers.


  • Pretty huge in size
  • Can deliver astounding high end sound output
  • Class black finish look
  • 8 inches long woofer driver
  • Crisp, clear and loud sound output
  • 5 inches long glass fibre driver


  • Lacks grilles
  • Lacks proliferation of the front fasteners.

#8 Polk T50 150: Best high-end Floor Standing Speaker

The Polk T50 150 is a pretty handsome speaker, when talking about the design. The medium board cabinet is covered with wood vinyl finish and black grain along with black cloth grille that protects the drivers. These grilles are removable, obviously.

When compared to other speakers in the list, these are not much bigger in size. They have a height of around 36 inches with a width of 7.75 inches and depth of 8.75 inches.

Talking about the design elements, T50 has a two-way bass reflex design. It comes with a 6.5 inches extended throw composite midranger and/or woofer along with a one inch silk dome tweeter and 6.5 inches long bass radiators.

One of the major highlights of these speakers are the bass radiators. They are replaced with bass ports so that they never produce chuffing noises. Not only this, they can clear out space for ported speakers as well.

This speaker has got a set of five way binding posts along with the speaker cables terminated with banana plugs, spades, pins and stripped wire ends. The impedance provided by the manufacturer is of 6 ohms. 

The T50 proved to be making a pretty good first impression with delivering bright and clear sound along with commendable tight and defined bass.

Undoubtedly, the T50 is one of the best speakers that you can get for this price. And do you know what’s even better? The best part about buying T50 is that, it comes with a five year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Five year warranty
  • Great first impression
  • Perfectly high for the furniture
  • Two-way bass reflex design
  • Extended throw midrange composer


  • Speaker cables are terminated 
  • Not available every time to buy

#9 ELAC Debut 2.0 F6.2: Best Floorstanding Speaker for Small Spaces

With the launch of Elac Debut 2.0 F6.2, Elac has improved the speakers in terms of design and in terms of technology as well. The major upgrades include the stiffening of the cabinet, upgrading the tweeter and improved internal bracing.

Apart from this, Elac has also improved the wide-roll surround, wide dispersion waveguide, tweaked the shape of aramid-fibre mid-bass cones for improved stiffness and damping. Even though they have upgraded the aesthetics as well by tweaking the cleaner and tighter lines. The grill attachments now come in the form of ports.

The F6.2 is a three-way ported floor standing speaker. Along with that, you get a one inch cloth dome tweeter and a 6.5 inches aramid-fibre driver up top, independently ported and acoustically isolated.

The Debut 2.0 F6.2 offers you a tweeter woofer that comes with a frequency of 2200 Hz. Whereas this floor standing speaker comes with a frequency range of 39 Hz to 35,000 Hz and the maximum power that it can handle is 150 Watts.

You would expect this from the triple ported design of this speaker, the placement can be sensitive at times. The speaker contains a single pair of five way binding posts.

The F6.2 has some wonderful off-axis performance, mostly in the horizontal plane. This is because of the reason that the vertical dispersion of F6.2 is rather limited.

The Debut 2.0 has a lower frequency extension of rating 39 Hz. They are capable of delivering smooth, even, balanced sound, especially in the critical midrange frequencies.


  • Clean, crisp and bright sound output
  • Perfect finish on the surface
  • Built-in option for amplifiers 
  • Detailed and punchy bass


  • Not suitable for bigger rooms
  • Can get slightly variable acoustics, at times

#10 SVS Prime Pinnacle: Best Single Floor Standing Speaker

SVS has been pretty popular for their subwoofers in the market for so many years now. They have introduced a new tower speaker by the name Prime Pinnacle. A few sources claim that this speaker is kind of an in-between of the Ultra and Prime series in terms of the performance, perspective and price.

The Prime Pinnacle is housed with a one inch aluminium dome tweeter with a 5.25 inches midrange. Along with a fibre cast ABS basket, it has got a glass and fibre cone material and vented voice coil.

The Pinnacle has a diffuser that aids it to optimize the performance using Finite Element Analysis (FEA). It also has a realistic and wide soundstage, for all the listeners regardless of the seating position.

SVS has took the Pinnacle to the next level using the sub-enclosures along with a transducer. The bass drivers offered possess a long stroke motor and suspension design along with the technologies similar to the midranger.

The size offered is approximately 41 inches tall along with a width of 8 inches and depth of 14 inches.

These floor standing speakers has got the capability to possess a sexy balance based on the fact that it is weighed at 66 pounds. Still, the speakers can be easily customized because of the tweakable technology.

The Prime Pinnacle really amazed with their impressive midrange, tight bottom end, holographic imaging capabilities and placement flexibility. This makes them outstanding for the best single floor standing speakers.


  • Impressive mid-range
  • Flexibility for placement
  • Option for tweaking performance
  • Wide & relativistic sound stage
  • A perfect balance for music and audio


  • Lack of proper surface finishing
  • No magnetic grilles

How to choose Best Floor Standing Speakers?

Before you get your hands on a tower speaker or floor-standing speaker, you must be aware of what to look for while getting one. Here, we have pointed down a few tips that will help you choose the best one out of our list.

Tip #1 The Cabinet Construction

You must check for cabinet construction if they are capable of tackling high beat sounds. It means while playing a high beat song at full volume, the outer layer should not vibrate. If you feel any vibration, at some point of time or other, you will notice the sturdy and distorted sound.

Not just this, you must look for the finish of the cabinet and the texture and colour of the skin. This will help you choose the speakers that match your furniture.

Tip #2 Drivers 

Floor standing speakers have various different drivers to relay sound via vibration to produce a large array of sound waves. To be more specific, there are four types of drivers in such speakers, in total. The major difference between them is the frequency range. They are mentioned below: 

  1. The tweeter drivers with a frequency ranging from 2000 to 30,000 Hz.
  2. Midrange drivers with a frequency ranging from 500 to 2000 Hz.
  3. Woofer drivers with a lower frequency ranging from 40 to 1000 Hz.
  4. Subwoofer drivers to magnify bass sound with a frequency ranging from 20 to 200 Hz.

Tip #3 Size 

Well, you believe it not, the size of the speakers matters a lot. As you already know, they don’t require much space in width but they do require space in terms of height. Therefore, you need to look for the size of the speaker specifically according to the space available in your living room. A bigger room will need bigger speakers to produce effective sound according to your satisfaction. 

Tip #4 Specifications of the Speaker

It’s important to check on all the specs of an electronic item before buying it. For instance, while buying check on the specs like frequency response, impedance and resistance. Another thing to look for is the sensitivity of the speaker. Knowing about these specifications will aid you to choose the best for you.

Tip #5 Wire Terminal Configuration

The kind of wire terminal found in each floor-standing speaker is a mandatory thing to check on. The two basic types of terminals found in these speakers are the spring clips and the building post terminals.

Springs clips are majorly found in the low-end speakers and work along with the bare type wires. Whereas, the building post terminals are equipped with versatile allowing for different wire connections.

Best Floor Standing Speaker FAQ’s

How do I choose a floor standing speaker?

To choose afloor standing speaker, size of the room is the main thing which matters. The bigger the room, the larger the speaker will be required. After that brand is the second thing which should be considered. A good brand such as JBL provides good sound

Are floor standing speakers better than bookshelf?

Yes, floor standing speakers are better than bookshelf speakers as they are large in size and can provide high sound compared to bookshelf speakers. Bookshelf speakers cannot cover the entire room on the other hand floor standing speakers cover the entire room.

Do I need a subwoofer with floor standing speakers?

No,  it is not necessary to have a subwoofer with floor standing speakers as the speaker alone can provide the best sound experience. A sub’s work is to improve the sound of the lows. As the speakers have stereo output you can either connect the sub to it or not.

Are floor standing speakers the best?

Yes, Floor standing speakers are the best as they are large in size and can provide rich sound. These speakers have a stereo setup which usually covers the entire room. The stereo output gives the best surround sound of the highs, lows and mids

Who makes the best speakers in the world?

JBL, RCF and SENNHEISER are some of the brands which make the best speakers in the world. All these brands provide rich and huge sound.

Can I use floor standing speakers for surround sound?

Yes, floor standing speakers can be used for surround sound but they should be properly paired with each other. The speakers should be augmented with a pair of small speakers to create an immersive sound experience.

Should speakers be on the floor?

Yes, speakers should be on the floor as they are large and heavy in size and they cannot be hanged. If the speakers are small you can place them on the shelf or on the stand. Depending upon your preference you can keep small speakers on the ground also.

What is the most important speaker in a home Theatre?

The centre speaker is the most important in a home theatre because most of the sound comes from the centre speaker. And person also sits before the TV so person heards most of the sound from centre speaker.

How do I build a 5.1 surround sound system?

Collect all the requirements such as 5 speakers and a subwoofer connect them together and place them in their respective position. It is done. You can see the procedure on the box also.

Do speakers sound better with more power?

Yes, speakers sound better with more power as max watt can give you the max output of a speaker. Amplifier is also one of the things for more sound from the speakers. High power amp can provide you high sound from the speakers

Can you put floor standing speakers on stands?

Yes, it is compulsory to place floor standing speakers on the stand to protect them from an unexpected power flood. you can put the floor standing speakers on the stands. floor standing speakers should always be kept at least 2 feet above the ground. Keeping them on stand will also provide you the rich bass which will completely change the sound experience

How high should speakers be off the floor?

Speakers should be placed 3 feet above the floor. If speakers are placed at high you can clearly hear the bass and placing speaker at high will also helps surround sounding

Final Verdict

Getting a floor standing speakers for your living room could be a hectic job. Well, now that you know how to choose one and what are the best of them in each category, you would definitely enjoy your upcoming days of 2020 with some astounding music.

Which one of the above mentioned floor standing speakers are you planning to buy? Do let us know in the comments below.