Acapellas by the Allihoopa community. Pick something up, add to it, and drop it back. We want to hear your remixes!

  1. Pay (Acapella) with harmonies

    Idk what this is ✌🏻

  2. VOLCANO <vox only>

    #acapella for all you beautiful mixers ❤️ if needed I can drop individual stems

  3. Slow Burn (Rock Version)

    @savvyk Took the great acapella vocal and re arranged them into this Electric Dance Rock :) Made a vocal chorus.All music by @RobbieMichaels

  4. Laser Gun (busywork edit)

    This awesome #acapella was really out of time with the grid for some reason when I opened it, so I lined it up and tuned it a little.

  5. Acapella hook

    Just thought I would drop a vocal hook to see if anyone would be interested in using it.

  6. Without You

    Acapella version of the original with @HuYnH. Feel free to #reworkthis #BuildOnThis #Remix #sketch