Acapellas by the Allihoopa community. Pick something up, add to it, and drop it back. We want to hear your remixes!

  1. Don Trunk - Someone Else Clean Acapella

    Someone Else by Don Trunk recorded at Dream 1st Studios. The Tempo is 128BPM key is Emin. I will repost your Remix, can't wait to hear it!

  2. "Wildfire" Vocals Only

    Oh boy. Please edit, effect, build, and manipulate this to your hearts desire! 😬♥️ #buildonthis #singtothis #vocals #ambient #remixthis

  3. Box Room - Acapella

    note: vocals start on the count of 2 (resp on 3 at 148bpm) if anyone has an idea, feel free to mess around with this! #acapella #vicblonde