Acapellas by the Allihoopa community. Pick something up, add to it, and drop it back. We want to hear your remixes!

  1. Intima (Acapella)

    Vocals from my single Intima, out now on Universal Music. I'm so looking forward to hearing your remixes of this! 🎹 🎵 🎉 #acapella #remix

  2. Drip

    Helloooo friends! Pick up my track for the chance to win a skype call :)

  3. Ocean

    Did I ever think I was going to come back? No, I didn't, but here I am 👏

  4. How To Loot Brazil - Boot Licker (Acapella)

    New Acapella at 128 BPM! Go wild, go crazy! Watch the original video here: #acapella @acapella

  5. Don Trunk - Strip 4 Me (Explicit) Acapella

    I can't wait to hear your Remix! Follow @Dontrunk to hear the original. Artist: Don Trunk Song: Strip 4 Me @CamSaidWuzUp on Trumpet