Best of CAPSUN ProAudio/D16 Group remix challenge

Staff picks of runners-up in the CAPSUN ProAudio/D16 Group remix challenge

  1. Capsun ProAudio and D16 Group remix challenge

    Inspired by: Gritty CZ1000, Golden Drums and Jersey Drums.

  2. Allihoopa_Remix By Renato Gues

    I made this piece using some sounds by CAPSUN Pro Audio for the Allihoopa Remix challenge, Hope you enjoy and thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Time is standing still

    My entry in the #CAPSUNProAudio and D16 Group remix challenge. I used several of the loops, edited them and wrote a rap to go with it :)

  4. Eternal Dream

    Very calm and inspiring track. Hope you like it.

  5. CAPSUN - Acid Rain (HuYnH short remix)

    My little stress remix when I have little time and inspiration for music :) No mixing nor mastering, just raw material

  6. Acid Rain

    This is my Remix Challenge submission. In addition to the Acid Rain loop I also used the Vintage Upright loop.

  7. Its Raining Acid

    Made with stock devices. Thanks to CAPSUN ProAudio for the lovely loop. #CAPSUN ProAudio #ACIDRAIN #REMIX

  8. Souffrance

    #RemixChallenge with Take and my fingers.

  9. Time standing still (Capsun remix challenge)

    Electro House remix using "Galaxy Stabs" & "Vocal chops" for the Capsun remix challenge. #House #EDM

  10. GBell capsun d16

    Slow! capsun d16

  11. Gritty Vintage Jersey Rhodes Chops

    My (revised) entry for the CAPSUN Pro Audio Remix Contest. Loved working with these loops -- wait for the build!

  12. Saturday Afternoon

    I chopped up Rhodes Nostalgia,took the Groove from Golden Drums, and sampled the iMessage notification from my iPhone and this is what I got

  13. Sub-Orbital (Daft Justice Remix)

    Based on Voyager by #Daft Punk, my interpretation of the Daft Justice Loop. #CAPSUNproaudio #Remix #Turn2On #Blackpole #Parsec #Pulsar #TR8