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  1. Bad Times Better

    This is “Bad Times Better” from my new album “TEN” feel free to add your ideas to it!

  2. Another Case - Loop

    Instrumental loop from our song Another Case. Sing, rap, play an instrument. The most interesting version dropped in April wins our LP!

  3. Win Me Over

    New idea for a song that I hope you'll like. Sing along or make a remix! #acoustic #guitar #songwriter #singtothis

  4. Indian vocal harmony

    My vocal harmony can be a background to your vocals and beats. Let me hear you sing or play something original! #vocals #world #india

  5. Maybe Tomorrow (Guitar and Vocals)

    This is a stripped back acoustic version of my song “Maybe Tomorrow.” I would love to hear your ideas added to it!

  6. Somebody Prayed for Me

    RnB, Jazz take on the gospel public domain. Feel free to add a verse and instrumentation! Def needs #drums.

  7. Already Gone

    This song is my heart! Can't wait to hear what you do with it :) #singwithme #jamwithme

  8. Waiting Room (Beat)

    Produced in an ER with samples from the waiting room & public domain movies. Record some vocals and #buildonthis!

  9. All The Same (Instrumental)

    Here's the instrumental of my song "All The Same," originally recorded with Elan Atias (former The Wailers front man).#singover#reggae#latin

  10. Quiet Streets

    A dreamy picking guitar song with a melancholy melody and lyric.

  11. Klez - Aint Nobody's Fool

    Here is a stripped down instrumental of my song "Ain't Nobody's Fool".

  12. Dark Room Instrumental

    Here is the the instrumental to my next single "Dark Room" Lets hear what you can make of it.

  13. Let's Just Dance - Open Verse!

    We've created a version of our latest single with an open second verse...sing your own version of ours, or create something totally new!