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Figure feature

Great Figure pieces from the community. Hear something you like? Build on it!

  1. FLight (ercborg remix)

    Amazing original by the talented passenger @Pendagram.

  2. ❤️Allihoopa❤️

    #Challenge : heres a challenge for you guys. Using the tweaks try to say "Allihoopa" !! #Ladylunatic #allihoopa

  3. Gunn's Guns (Part II)

    Second half of my tune from the #SidneyGunn soundtrack! Remix by 4/13 and post in contest group! Winner gets a free copy of the #iOS game!

  4. Nyan Cat Theme

    someone tell me what I just made... am I allowed to be slightly proud of this? was lazy so didn't finish verse two but I'll repost when done

  5. Heart Beat (Build on this and send it forward)

    Partner? Crush? Parent? Tell'em you love them by creating and sending them a piece. The best pieces are highlighted in Spotlight! #valentine

  6. Comfort K@RMX R-DUB

    6K plays: Many thanks to all supporters! #Trancescription on amazing piece "Comfort" by @ercborg ,Thicke Bass preset ! #k@rmx

  7. Wordless Incantations

    Artwork credit goes to:

  8. Lead Challenge!

    #leadchallenge Create a lead. The sky is the limit! A winner will be featured in Spotlight and on our social medias!