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Figure Listening Club

The staff picks of great Figure songs from this week on Propellerhead.

  1. ØMEN (Kronic Chaos Mix)

    So I couldn't decide which version to post so I'm posting both, here's the first remix of ØMEN #enjoy #brewmeisterbean #fun

  2. Great Neptune

    Neptune (Original by: TheKINGH)

  3. 9th Planet - Jrod deep space rework

    This is an original Jrod tune written and produced and engineered exclusive for Jrod music LLC

  4. Slowly Sinking

    A dark and moody little number. Named after an art piece by Laura Marie Photography.

  5. Block-Rockin' Bling (Windows 10 Figure Video)

    As featured in Propellerhead's promo video for Figure on #Windows10 #1MinSongs

  6. Steps (DKT Remix)

    Based on MaeMae's "Steps" lead voice