Leo's Top Picks

Ten great pieces from the past week, chosen by @Leo

  1. By Myself - Reason 9 betatest (Looping this)

    Thanks Propellerhead for making a good job on the next upgrade. Thanks to @MattiasHG for great live sessions, now I love plucks #singtothis

  2. Day By Day

    Had lyrics in my head the moment I heard this. Beautiful instrumentals, hope I could do it justice.

  3. Don' want to lose you

    Great beat by @youngaktive ! That's my son Ollie at the start, we've almost lost him due to his epilepsy and he's the best, love him

  4. "Loss of moments" original

    Quick little diddy. Auto tuned vocals and original lyrics and melody. #buildonthis #singtothis #collab #remixthis #femalevocals

  5. Apocalypse (SeYSMIC)

    Same song as before but made some tiny edits, cuz I'm hard on myself