Most popular Reason pieces

  1. Together As One

    #2016 This is the first song I ever wrote. It started it all. Vocal only can be found here...


    Would love to hear voices on this one... 🎤 My favorite Take may figure on the LP 🔊 Wanna try? 😃 #sketch #singonthis #raponthis #builonthis

  3. Birthday (Robbie Michaels +Pasztor +briantsings)

    This is our little gift to you on your special day. Produced by Robbie Michaels. @lise2450 @Pasztor @briantsings thank U 4 your contribution

  4. Last Boss Level

    #Waterman#2016#Reason8#Beat#Hiphop#808#Trapmusic Playing Super Mario 64, then I came up with this beat! Hence the title.

  5. Stuck Like Glue 🎤😸

    Remix to @briantsings ' acapella. Composed and sung by Brian. Arranged and played by Fargiy.

  6. Ride The Night (Robbie Michaels Ft Lise)

    Thanks @RobbieMichaels & @lise2450 you both did an amazing effort for my 1st spotlight i'm loving it!!! #Singtothis #TTT

  7. The Light

    #2016 An old song I forgot I had laying around. If you would like to tackle the vocals I can upload music only.