Reason Listening Club

A cherry-picked feed of great Reason songs from this week on Propellerhead.

  1. Oh, Nina! (Oh Nena)

    I heard the potential for this beat to become a tasteless pop song about sleeping with women, so I went for it. #pop #hashtag

  2. Scunnert (Remastered/Mixed/Extended)

    Reflecting on some really dark times in my life, with a tiny glimmer of light over the horizon.

  3. Flywheel (Neverending Drop)

    My first go at a #trance tune. Well, any tips or suggestions for improvements are welcome =) #singtothis #sketch

  4. HardDubStep

    Hard Dub Step Beats... Be inspired #sketch #raptothis #beats #singtothis


    Edgy upbeat Hip-Hop/R&B song about Nightlife and such.

  6. Rider

    Here's a little sumthin' for them cars that be bumpin'

  7. Simon Janvier feat. Ryan J. Lucas - Honeymoon Serenade

    Build around Honeymoon Serenade (piano chords+voice) from Ryan J.Lucas. Sorry for the gap at the end... forgot to set the End Marker ;)

  8. Trap City Vectro

    #trap New album at #raponthis