Noteworthy pieces hand-picked by your friends at Allihoopa

  1. Stora Stygga Stockholm- Zara Larsson / Paramore

    I created a Paramore/Zara Larsson mash up with the Stora Stygga instrumental! (excuse the vocals - im poorly!!)

  2. Intima (Acapella) - Remix

    My version has pop, rock, and electronic elements.

  3. Intima remix

    I had to add my 2 cents to this beautiful remix of @emil that @Leo created. Such an inspiring piece! 🎶🎼

  4. Spin the guns - bagatda1 collab

    Have had this for too long! Not perfect, but more complete than my last versions:) love it, thanks to all for joining the journey!

  5. QTD: 2017

    Guitar loop from @GodOfRainbows. Built track around it.