Noteworthy pieces hand-picked by your friends at Allihoopa

  1. Stand Still ft. Caffeine

    My friend @Caffeine added a verse and made it even better! Make sure you follow his page #hiphop #beats #collaboration #rap #new

  2. Just do you

    Caught a cold weeks ago and I just can't get rid of it ☹️ ..BUT HEY I just have to make a 'Take' every day..Otherwise I cant sleep 😳😅

  3. Real Talk (remastered)

    A remastered version of Real Talk ft @DeliaRetta 's amazing vocal performance. Built on my track Moose Knuckle, Enjoy. :)

  4. Allihoopa New Year's Party 🍾

    Melody, Lyrics and Vocal by @briantsings. Arranged by Fargiy. Add to Dry Vox of Brian.

  5. rite ft willie p & ddwatts

    Another collaboration 🔥🔥🔥🔥with @WillieP @ddwatts more room for others #hiphop @rap @beats #newyear @neemusic #2017

  6. You

    @tremainewayne ❤️🎶like and comment #singonthis #figure #chill