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Noteworthy pieces hand-picked by your friends at Allihoopa

  1. Broken collab

    Sang ad lib to a beat #mindikilty #wishbringer11 did the instrumental

  2. Testing 123!

    Testing the gadget levers on @allihoopa!

  3. Haywyre - Insight

    This is a Korg Gadget MIDI but I thought I would upload it to test Korg on allihoopa. #EDM #KORG

  4. Welcome to Allihoopa

    #Korg #Gadget joins us on Allihoopa. ようこそ!

  5. opochi 37 ( Cold Pot 2 )

    It is a sequel to cold pot of songs made by Mr mori mokoto🎼 thank you Mr, mori

  6. Real Talk

    BARS 🔋🆙 | #miggo #hiphop #rap #bars #lyrical | More Coming..

  7. Here With Me

    New Song titled "Here With Me" 🎶 Hope you all enjoy! & Also, a big thankyou to everyone who supports & loves the music! 🙏🏼 Means so much!

  8. "Phantom Fear" Collab//Original//Sketch

    Such an inspiring track! This is just an idea I ran away with, not sure what to do with it! #buildonthis #remixthis #singtothis #sketch#take

  9. Last Time

    Lyrics By Alexander Papadopoulos

  10. I See You

    I Need Somebody too Rap For me Show me what you got