Noteworthy pieces hand-picked by your friends at Allihoopa

  1. Race

    Awesome bars by @Ebs about using your gifts to do what matters 👏🏿 Ended with a small chorus from me #sketch #bars #rap #hiphop #beats

  2. Hold on You

    This is a song I wrote and composed! Song came to life with the beautiful work of @Rob and the amazing drums of @burfie

  3. Hold On You

    A wonderful song by @Rob and @zachcarlson which I added drums and guitar to. You guys are amazing!

  4. Here Again

    I added super subtle guitars beautiful music thanks to @caseylaaa and @HuYnH Watch me play it #firsttake

  5. A cold afternoon

    A #sketch I cut and chopped very quickly together. It kind of reflects my momentary mood.

  6. Prisoner of Love (Mastered)

    Fell in love with this amazing piece of music and lyrics from @DeliaRetta & @burfie Please support the original artists

  7. Laser Gun Showdown

    A #BuildOnThis #Remix of @SamOsborn brilliant rocking track and @xMaxYx (busywork edit) of @JuampiDub top notch #acapella #RapToThis

  8. If this was real

    Lovin these vibes from @ercborg @L4Lazy and @Dallo. Hope you like this one, I do! #synthpop #electropop #singtothis

  9. Its Over

    Check ya boy out..another one🔥🔥🔥

  10. Counting the Ways(Ercborg+BrianT+BW7🎸)

    Headphones please. I always enjoy a collab with the brilliant @briantsings