Noteworthy pieces hand-picked by your friends at Allihoopa

  1. "Twist of Fate"

    Song inspired by @paula + @morimakoto + @timmybeep + @ErikaTaylorThompson. Added fretless bass, Reason 10 instruments. Enjoy 😀☀️

  2. Only Love

    I haven't done a reggae song before but I'm pleased with how this turned out. I want to hear what you can do with this, feel free to join me

  3. all a game

    I was inspired by @JuampiDub #spotlighted piece and @Ldonthecut dope beat..remixed the beat just a little. had fun.

  4. Tears In The Rain (Open Collab)

    Join this collab and make it 🔥!!! @jawbeats Thanks for putting me on to this beat. Its BOMB!