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Stefan's Top Picks

Stefan's favorite Allihoopa pieces from the past weeks

  1. The Magician (Orkester Sounds demo/test)

    Just having a little fun messing around with the Reason Orkester Sounds refill

  2. Rollercoaster

    Rollercoaster loving, that's what you say we have / don't you wish we could get off this ride? #sketch #song - my first #spotlight ^^

  3. A Head Full of Dreams - Analog Remix

    I found the acapella so made some music for it with #analog #synth on #Reason , so enjoy!

  4. I dont miss you

    Let me know what you think! Yay or nay?! Thanks again to @supersplaron who always inspires me with his lovely guitar pieces! -Olivia

  5. Without You

    #sketch left some room for @amshinobi if you're up for it bro🎤👍with this awesome track by @msteller🎶