Stop Self-Sabotaging

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How to stop sabotaging yourself is fairly easy. May we introduce you to: your inner voice. It’s the culmination of all the advice, rules, and negative enforcement we have endured throughout our lives. It’s meant to keep us in our place. And there is nothing better for it to beat you to the ground and keep you there. Why? Cause it loves to sabotage you and your attempts of being successful. 

In this first article of our series Stop Self-Sabotaging, we’ll have a closer look at this toxic relationship you have with your inner critic and how you can make him/her keep their mouth shut.


Why Your Defense Mechanisms Could Sabotage You

Our psyche is a very fragile thing. It doesn’t like to be hurt. And for that reason, it has developed a couple of mechanisms for its defense. Some of them are incredibly sophisticated. Their goal is to lull you in a false sense of security and safety. But they do harm your advancement. So it’s a very good idea to know how they operate and counteract on them.

In this second article of our series Stop Self-Sabotaging we’ll do exactly that. Just click the button below and find out everything about it.

Forget the Law Of Attraction – Here is the Law of the Over-I

The Law of Attraction. Numerous books have been written and sold. Numerous wishes have been sent to the Universe. And guess what: numerous people have been left disappointed. Cause unfortunately, success is not that simple. Bummer. Anyways, there are some laws the work – one of which is the “Law of The Over-I”. It won’t work without work. But it does work.

Let’s find out more about the Law of The Over-I and use it to reach our goals.