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What is the Marshmallow Test And What Can We Learn From It?


Can you learn Self-Discipline? The Marshmallow Test – a research project – which showed that children with the ability to delay their gratification turned out as more successful later on in their lives went through social media a while ago.

What this means for you and your own success can be learned for free with Allihoopa in this first part of the series on Learn Self-Discipline.


Why The Hot And Cool System Play A Role in Self-Control


The evolutionary development of humans has led to different sections within our brain. Starting with the reptilian brain, then the monkey brain and finally our human brain. The problem is: they are all still there. So sometimes we have to silence our monkey or lizard brain a bit to reach our human goals.

Read more about this and what role that hot and cool system plays in self-control in our second part of the series Learn Self-Discipline.


Which Role Approach And Avoidance Goals Play In Your Achievement


Humans have different goals. Some of them are approach goals and others are avoidance goals. As an example, an avoidance goal could be something like: “I don’t want to be poor anymore”. While this is a good goal, it will stop the minute you are not poor. And the further from poor you get, the less it works. So it is an entirely different goal than “I want to be wealthy”.

Let’s find out more about these two types and how we can use them to serve our purpose in the third part of the Learn Self-Discipline series.


Is Self-Discpline Depletable?


There has been research which indicates that self-discipline is a bit like a muscle. You might be able to hold a weight for a while. But if the stress on it becomes to intense and happens to often, your muscle just won’t work anymore. Is it the same with your self-control?

Find out more about whether your self-discipline could be a depletable resource in our fourth part of the Learn Self-Discipline series.


Why You Don’t Have Too Little Willpower but Likely Too Much


The terms willpower and self-discipline are often – and even in science – used interchangeably. The big question is: what is your willpower? Is it really the same as self-discipline/ self-control?

In this fifth part of the series we make a case for why you might have always suffered from too much willpower rather than too little.


How To Align Your Real Will With Your Goals


If you have read our last article in this series, you should know that maybe willpower and self-control are not the same thing. And maybe the best way to reach your goals and be successful would be to align the two rather than having them pull you in opposite directions.

Let’s find out in this article of the series Learn Self-Discipline how you can align your true inner wanting with your wishes and desires.


How To Use Rewards Against Procrastination


We live in a world where almost everything is possible. We listen to music whenever we want to, we eat what we want to eat and drink what we want to drink. Whenever, whatever. This world full of opportunities makes it easy for us to live in a state that some would describe as decadence. But we can use even this to our advantage.

In this article in our series on Learn Self-Discpline we will assess how we can use all those little comforts in our lives as a reward to beat procrastination.