Other Energy and Success Vampires and How To Counter Them

But it is not only work and undone work that is draining your energy. People might do so too. These might be negative people in your life. Those who appear to have nothing better to do than to discourage you or to show you your faults at any possibility. But also those who are close to you but have no real interest in what you do. 

And the third energy drainers are often your own thoughts. Every thought that enters your consciousness and sprinkles doubt on your goals, or you as a person is an energy drainer. and which is allowed to stay    

Lack of Success

This energy-drainer can often be observed in those people who want to have a career as fine artists, music, entrepreneurship, and as authors – it’s the lack of success. All of them ahve in common that the individual is working above average to create an asset. No matter whether it is a book, a painting, a piece of music, or an internet business: if success doesn’t come, the feeling of having done all the work for nothing creeps in and drains energy from all future endeveaours. 

It is particularly dangerious for those who are constantly giving up too quickly with their attempts to become successul. Say, you would have invested your savings and a lot of work in a new business, and don’t get it right initially. You have two options: you can give up or you can persist. Those who persist can still try to change the way things are, and might eventually achieve success. Those, however, who are giving up at the slightest wimp, will deem almost all their endevaiours as unsuccessful. And quite righteously so. This then drains energy from all their other dreams in the future. So make sure 

There are few things as demotivating as having invested a lot of work into a project and ending up with no success whatsoever. Hopefully, with the advice given in this book, we will overcome the success problems and resolve this problem.    As for the others, we need to understand that it is our job to deliver energy. 

Energy Givers

The thing is that in order to give energy you need to get energy. And you do this by getting rid of the stress that has been built up. Don’t worry, this is actually an advice that you will like. Because to get energy, you will have to have a happy life and treat yourself well. 

Working hard and getting success

Reaching your goals is a big energy giver. If you constantly fail at what you set out to, you are obviously creating a picture of yourself that isn’t successful. Basically, it pays off to constantly try to have llok at your own behavior as if it weren’t you. Imagine your friend Peter is one who always tells you about the newest diet he has started or the business he is going to start, only to have it fold after two months of inactivity. Would you start a business with someone like Peter? Hopefully not. Now imagine yourself being somebody else. A person who knows all your secrets and is constantly with you, listening to all the promises you make and goals you set. How would you judge yourself? 

So, let’s be completely honest here. If you are a person who sets out to do things or one who talks about it, and you don’t do it, then you are draining yourself from self-esteem and energy. The solution couldn’t be simpler. If you make a plan, stick to it. As a favorable advice, it would be recommendable to set lower targets if you are not yet in a state where it is easy to pursue very challenging ones. Instead of having the goals of running a marathon, decide to run for one minute every day. After a month you will see how much more energy you have and how your self-esteem has risen. Simply because all of a sudden “Peter” has kept his promise. Instead of starting your own business, start with taking an entrepreneurship course or offer one simple service on a Freelancer website, just so that you get the small successes on which you can build.

In addition to that, it often helps to make a little list in which you fill the goals you have achieved so far in your life and where you have reached success. Don’t worry if you consider yourself a loser because you broke up literally anything that can be broken up. Don’t whine about your missed college degree, because you were young and stupid. You surely have had some success in the past. Often things that we don’t consider as success, are mindboggeling for other people. When I was twenty three years old, I left my little home town in Germany and moved to London for instance. This in itself, although it was just taking a one-hundred Euro flight, finding a job and a small room, was already a huge success, considering that I went there with thousand Euro in my pocket and a bed in a dorm booked for one week and eventually stayed in London for roughly two years.   

Working out

Relax after hard-work

Go to Spa’s and saunas for example. Take time off, where you don’t work at all and just relax and do nothing. Watch a sunset. Watch a sunrise. Go swimming. Have a good laugh with friends. Watch a movie in the cinema. Listen to “Club Tropicana” by Wham! and dance in your bedroom when you know that nobody’s watching.

By the way, working out and jogging are also great ways to recharge your batteries. As paradox as it sounds, but it relieves your body of so much stress that you will have more energy after the workout than you did before.

Obviously working hard to get on top of the energy draining, procrastinated tasks, will also help a great deal in relieving stress and getting your natural, glowing energy back. As does beating fear. If you face it head-on and don’t let it control you, you will feel much more energized. And you can share this with the world.