1. Follow, IES Obsession Remix

    Loved @Unwanted vocals, inspired me to create this synth wave-ish track .. i really like it, hope you do too...

  2. Trust (Deep-dives)

    I’m the best guy we’ve got. ‘Head first into the abyss; bitch. Now, that’s just ridiculous’

  3. Photosynthesis (Open Instrumental)

    Haven't uploaded anything in a while. Here's something you can add to. #addtothis #singonthis #raponthis #remixthis

  4. Destiny

    🌻Thank you @fba2025 & @InvokeMusicINVK & @TZ3D for the inspiration!! #Justice #Guitar #spotlight

  5. Make your version of
    acapella of previous by Unwanted

    Pick up