1. Cry

    For my friend @Igetsomuchmoney07 Very touched by listening to ON MY MIND#MISSMYMOM ❤️#Remixthis #Addonthis I share the Accapela

  2. Alexis_Paige 🔥FreeStyle 2018🔥

    9 years old and spitting better than a lot of y'all Allihoopa artists 💯😂💯 #Alexis_Paige # CardiganCarter

  3. taxi driver interlude

    Great #take from @3on1on and decide to make it a #dancehall interlude out of it🔊🎼🎶💯

  4. Foods & Dudes, an Arpeggio Add-on & More

    15 minutes-before-bedtime-music-making. Cheers @timpo @Leo