1. EauDitCBeat

    Gm ­ BbM/F ­ EbM ­ BbM/F ­ Bb(sus 2)/F Gm ­ BbM ­ EbM ­ BbM/F ­ Bb(sus 2)/F

  2. Electric Guitar Arp in C minor

    This is a sad electric guitar riff in c minor! Feel free to slap down your own shit on this baby! #sketch #beat #raptothis #hiphop

  3. Havana Temptation (twixmix)

    add some congas and played with the gate and envelope

  4. Rhodes Nostalgia

    Nostalgic tremolo Rhodes MKII processed by D16 Group's Decimort 2 Rack Extension using 'Emax HiFi' preset.

  5. Rainbow🌈

    Add a quick vox to @Pongolola689 cool harms 😏🎤

  6. Pro-Motion Radio "Live" NOW ,follow link ,cheers :)