1. BriNok - Mind Journey (nav’s mellow trip)

    #remixed #BriNok so so SO good @BriNok!! I changed the beats and the kit on the lead. Your shit is so on point!

  2. Wishbringer11-The wicked and the just (lost remix)

    #remixed @Wishbringer11 found this in my archives from last year and never posted. Delay for days!

  3. Hollow {remixed}

    Loved this song! So I thought I’d try to add my own spin to it #remixed

  4. pixelated in stars (twixmix)

    #figure #remixed 🥁 and tweaked the lead 🔊🎼🎶 enjoy. Happy holidays

  5. alphyre - blanket statement (minimalist remix)

    #remixed #sketch #alphyre amazing original by @alphyre that I changed lead on. Go listen to the original!