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Work is often seen as something annoying and bad. But then again, it is the only way to create and to prosper. And it is one of the pillars of our society. Cause while many of us don’t really like to go to work each morning, we surely appreciate that others do exactly that. 

In this Allihoopa series we look at the Power of Work, and we discover how we can change and improve our attitude towards work ethic, change our habits, and make work help us fulfill our goals and destiny.


Learn Self-Discipline

Self-Discipline / Self-Control and Willpower are two very different things. Not matter if you produce great music info like the guys at Musikwissen or you want to complete a study program at University. You will always be challenged with your real self wanting to relax, watch Netflix and do many other entertaining and energy preserving things.  

The good news is: like most other things the ability to excess self-control and self-discipline is a habit and can be learned. In this series we look into that matter. And by the end of it, we are hopefully capable of using self-discipline and self-control to our advantage. 

Find Your Success Vampires

In classical literature, vampires are creatures which suck out the blood of their unsuspecting victims. Of course these are creatures of fiction. However, success and energy vampires are not. They are lurking in the most unsuspicious areas of our minds. And while their goals might be honorable, all they do in reality is to suck out our energy and every opportunity for success from our lives. 

In our Success Vampires series we have a closer look at these mental monsters and find out how we tackle them best.  


Stop Self-Sabotaging

Maybe you have discovered that something in you seems to be sabotaging your goals and aspirations. Something appears to be actively trying to stop you from reaching your destiny and making your dreams become a reality. 

In the Stop Self-Sabotaging series we have a closer look into what is causing this and how we can stop these unfair and unnecessary acts against ourselves. 


Our Supporters

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So we want to extend a warm and heartfelt thank you to everybody who is actively supporting our work. Interested in supporting us too? Feel free to send us a message on our contact page

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