Success Vampires

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You have tried, you have failed. Don’t worry. We all have. Even the most successful ones have. This is what most people don’t realize. And they are scared to death that they might fail. Not always without reason. But then again, fear is one of the strongest and most powerful emotions in us humans. 

In this first article of our series on Success Vampires we’ll assess how your fear might be the reason for many of your previous failings.   


Why Undone Tasks Are Draining You Inside

Lethargy and the unwillingness to do anything can be the sign of a depression. But they might also be a sign from your mind that you have some undone tasks which are silently draining your energy and motivation. 

Let’s assess in this second article on Success Vampires why this might be and how to tackle it.

Why Living Below Your Purpose Is Destroying Your Success

You always knew that your real talent is being a musician, artist, actor or successful entrepreneur. Yet, you work in a fast food restaurant cause all your attempts of succeeding so far have led to failure. Well, brace yourself. This very reality might lead to you never reaching the success you would want in your life.

In this article of our series on Success Vampires, we find out how living below your purpose can drain all your motivation and energy and how to overcome it.


Other Energy and Success Vampires and How To Counter Them

Let’s finish this series on Success Vampires off with a few other energy and success vampires and how we can do our utmost to keep them out of our lives.

Read more about these nasty little vampires.