The Power of Work

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In part 1 of our Allihoopa series on The Power Of Work you will find out why we all are lazy. And why this laziness is a smart key to success if you use it right. 

Find out more about one of the most natural feelings in nature and how you can use it in the pursuance of your own sucess.


Why We Perceive Work As Bad

Work is normally connected to a tedious and boring task or set of tasks. But in fact it is something creative. Meaning: something that creates things. And we do it way more often than we think. Without it, we’d be bored to hell.

Find out why we perceive work as bad and why in reality it is not.

Why Work Is Beautiful And Can Be Fun

In the last part of our series on The Power of Work we looked at the reasons why we normally perceive work as something boring and problematic. In this article, we’ll receive why it is in fact beautiful and can even be fun!

Tap into your best self by exploring why work is in fact a very desirable action.


How Habits Influence The Way We Work

Chances are that you have heard it from your parents or teachers at one point: you are lazy. Be it when the task was to clean your room or to do a good job in school. What they all didn’t realize: work is greatly dependent on your habits. And that means that it can be learned.

Find out what habits have to do with the way you work in this article in our series on The Power of Work.

Why Work Sometimes Seems To Do Itself and Other Times Not

Every painter knows it, every musician knows it – and you might know it too. There are just some tasks that almost do themselves. Time flies during these tasks, and they don’t even seem like work. But what is it that makes them so? And why are other tasks so unbelievably dull that it seems like they’ll never finish and time doesn’t move?

Find out in this article of our series on The Power of Work.   


The 3 Essential States of Every Task

In a sense every tasks can be broken down to a couple of states. If you keep these in mind, you will make them much easier to tackle. The reason for this is that many people encounter problems with structuring their tasks. They either never begin or never complete them.

If you are one of those people who start a lot and never finish, this article in our series on The Power of Work is a must.

When Is The Right Time To Give Up?

Never, ever give up, right? Well… if something clearly isn’t working and even tweaking it doesn’t change anything, then maybe giving up isn’t such a bad idea. But how do you know it? 

Read more about the right time to give something up in this article of our series The Power of Work.


How You Can Reach Almost Every Goal by Working Hard

If you have read through the previous articles, you should have a pretty good grasp on the concept of work. You should know why work is a creative endeavor and much better than its reputation. Time to sum up. 

In this article we’ll assure you again that you can reach almost every goal by good old work. No matter whether you want to fly to the moon or have the six-pack abs in summer.