Max Yakin Bozek loops and sketches


  1. Heavy Tongue

    #korg140 #allihoopa You'll need #headphones since I did some hard panning #stereo For the allihoopa korg 140 contest

  2. Immeasurable <loop 4 vox> Verse w/ noisy saw

    Changed lead on verse Loop for #immeasurable to noisysaw - deciding if I like this or the one with triple wave better 🎧🙏

  3. Breeze ('Tron mix)

    Yet again my friend @Ruanes you create another masterful track❣️ 👏 Thank you ❣️🎧😎🎧

  4. Evil must burn in hell (bts~FanThe🔥Rmx)

    🔥🔥 the dark side of Figure rearing its ugly head LOL!!