Chisinau remix challenge–staff picks

A few of our favorites from the Chisinau remix challenge

  1. Chisinau (ercborg remix)

    #remixchallenge Thanks to @vasileplesca199217 for the original

  2. Chisinau (Shade717 Remix)

    Hope you enjoy my remix of this awesome piece by @vasileplesca199217 #remix #figure

  3. Chisinau (bts~CrushRemix)

    #sketch #remix #btsfigurepage #figure I thought I'd try my finger on @vasileplesca199217 Exquisite track📡

  4. Vasile Plesca - Chisinau (Pendagram Remix)

    Wouldn't dare to miss out on a @vasileplesca199217 remix challenge! Hope you like it, you master of chord progressions! #1MinSongs

  5. Chisinau (Cumulus501 Remix)

    My remix of @vasileplesca199217's awesome Figure. I guess you can call this one "part 2", since I tried to stay true to the original.

  6. Chisinau (wildkatt remix)

    Hope you like this remix! Might make a reason version! #remix #vasile #figure #beat #melodic