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  1. SPLIT 8

    8 bars two styles , #figurefriday #sketch #remixthis , have a go , see what you come up with in 8 Bars 🎼🎼🎼🎼

  2. this is not a song but a guitar loop i made, its rough untreated 120 a g d, after the first few bars the riff and then leady stuff is on its own, just for fun

    just a loop with guitar,its raw,after the first few bars the riff,the leady bit and the drums,this is rough unprocessed.go on have a jam!

  3. Keep Moving

    Created by CT of ULOV Entertainment™ for The Sound Squad ©2018 #Mastered #placement #spotlight #ReasonRepeats #HipHop #Allihoopa