glassguitar's Likes
  1. Rainy Night In Georgia (Cover)

    A favourite song brought to life by an amazing @glassguitar track - just had to add some instruments and vocals to try and pay some homage 🙏

  2. Bittersweet - featuring on vocals @briantsings

    A collaboration featuring - Vocals and Harmony: @briantsings | Music: @glassguitar

  3. sometimes freestyle

    @Meccedo gréât émotion in this #beat bro. Hope you guys 😉🙏🤜🏽

  4. love over reason demo

    Great vibz on @Roulian reggae2 beat think 🤔 gonna continue ✍️ this track see where it’s taking me. Love over reason🤔🎯😍vs🧠🎯

  5. Cheap Strings (Demo)

    One of the first tracks that I worked on Allihoopa, an amazing blues track from @glassguitar that caught my eye, will rework with Reason DAW

  6. Lucid Vaping

    #chill #deep #lucid #remixthis Listen till the end, I spent so long on this! Help in comments, leave a like if you liked it!

  7. Music is Life

    The earth has music for those who listen- Shakespeare

  8. Gnarls Barkley - Crazy (cover ft @Blinks)

    We're all mad here-Alice & Wonderland