1. Mercy Mercy Mercy (J.Zawinul)

    An awesome cover of a jazz song from 1966. Recreated by three amazingly talented Allihoopa artists @HarryB, @briantsings,and @glassguitar

  2. Runaway Train πŸš‚

    πŸ—£All aboard!! New collab with @glassguitar -music. lyrics and vox by @Meakin & myself. Based on my Figure loopπŸš‚ Enjoy!🎧🎢🎸

  3. Aca Blurbs (with added funk)

    @briantsings has been in a funky mood lately... #funk

  4. Mercy Mercy Mercy (J. Zawinul)

    Brilliant vocals by @briantsings, awesome guitar, bass, drums and production by @glassguitar, keyboards and horns by @HarryB

  5. Quiet Streets - Production Idea

    Production idea for @krisgruen's wonderful acoustic piece. #Sketch #Guitar

  6. Stranded

    Added some conceptual vocals to this haunting abstract piece brilliantly created by @soniatribeiro83

  7. Happiness (Original Song)

    Feel free to create what you like on this one! BPM is 120. #arrange #produce #acoustic #RnB #soul