1. More Like You (JayHarrisMusic) done on iPhone6SP

    This is just another song to express my gratitude for God's everlasting love for me. I did this on my iPhone. Lol (Listen with headphones)

  2. Fly Away (Images 908)

    This piece was inspired by Images 908 by Grecco. Melody & Lyrics by Tonalcry. Lead Vocals by Simon Kirk

  3. Images 908 (Grecco) - chillout groove ( added a simple vocal to it )

    I added a simple vocal line and lyric ideas for the track. Will have another along with backing vocal ideas another day. Johnny :)

  4. Images 908 Sample Greeco x L$ven #2

    #sample #beats #hiphop #808 #singtothis #raptothis #lovemusic #2016 i changed the filter on the original track from a highpass to a low pass

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 Images 908 (Grecco) - chillout groove by Grecco