1. Someone Else remixed by lesbeats ft. Dontrunk

    This vocal inspired me to produce this remix. Thanks for listening. One love. Stay creative. #Dontrunk@Dontrunk

  2. Don Trunk - Someone Else (Electric Orchestra Mix)

    Sorry it took me so long @Dontrunk.. however I wanted this to sound epic. I hope you dig it. #soundtrack #moviescore #collaboration

  3. Don Trunk - Someone Else (Minista Music Mix)

    Just having some fun with a dope accapella! #pop #hiphop #club

  4. Don Trunk - Someone Else - RudemanRB Mix

    First time doing this Allihoopa thing. I added a echo vocal line, this is a great track, lets collab in the future. #DonTruck #Marcato

  5. Don Trunk - Someone Else (feat. Akia DaGreat)

    @Dontrunk #straight fire This my piece for the track. Dope Vocals my dude!

  6. Don Trunk - Someone Else JF Remix

    thanks @Dontrunk for the stem to work from!

  7. Don Trunk - Someone Else + Grizzle

    Love the lyrics and song. Had to work on this. Still needs more. #addalead #collab #remix Beautiful work @Dontrunk thank you for this!

  8. someoneElse

    @Dontrunk killed this acapella and I was itching to try this beat with it. #beat #sketch #singtothis #hiphop #remix #remixthis #rap